In many countries it is legal to install and use a Modchip in your personal game console.
However... the copying of games is illegal in many (if not all) countries. Some countries laws don't allow you to use backups, even if you own the original, you have to check your own country's laws, and respect them. If you have the right to make backups, this means that you have bought the original license to use this game.SQUIRT or any other associated companies do not condone the illegal copying and/or distribution of computer software for the game consoles or any other format. You must act accordingly to the laws of your country! Respect the laws, Respect the gaming industry, and use our products accordingly in its original state. The intended purpose of our Modchip Products is to allow you to use your game console to play imports and backups of software that you legally own or developed by yourself, for preservation, maintenance and servicing purposes which is allowed by the law.

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